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10 Side-Hustles to Earn Extra Money

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Most of us can agree that having some extra money each month would be really helpful. Whether we're saving up for a vacation or just putting away money in our rainy day funds, having extra cash can help us achieve our financial goals a lot faster. When a raise at our job or a random windfall isn't on the horizon, taking on a side hustle can help pad our bank accounts. Read on for some side hustle ideas.

10 Side Hustle Ideas

Freelance writing

If you love writing, this side-hustle might be ideal for you. Content is king and there are many publications and websites that are looking for writers to create content for them. Even if you have no experience, it's possible to find work and get started building a writing portfolio.


Perhaps editing is more your thing- good news, there are plenty of companies (and even individuals) who are looking for someone to help them perfect their writing. If you have excellent attention to detail and a good command of grammar rules, this may be a great side hustle for you.


It isn't an easy side hustle, but blogging can be very rewarding. If you enjoy writing and are passionate about a particular subject, you might want to try blogging. Through your blog, you can share valuable information with others who are interested in the same topics you are. Once you build up the audience for your blog, you can monetize it through affiliate marketing and advertisements.

Virtual assistant

For those who are organized, responsible, and love helping others, being a virtual assistant could be the side-hustle for you. Being a VA can provide flexible, diverse work and provide you with new skills that you can add to your resume. After all, virtual assistants might handle a company's social media, perform office management tasks, or perform writing and design functions- all very valuable skills.

Data entry

For people with quick fingers and keen attention to detail, data entry is a great side hustle. Many companies pay well to have someone transcribe information for them or to enter client account information. This is a great side hustle for beginners, because as long as you can operate a computer and can type information accurately, you can perform the functions of this job. An added bonus is that data entry is a flexible job and can be done virtually.

Online tutoring/Teaching English as a second language

If you are passionate about teaching but don't want to spend time in the classroom, perhaps online tutoring could work for you. Plenty of students (in all levels of education) need assistance with school subjects and test prep, and you can tutor them virtually. There are also several tutoring companies that focus on teaching English as a second language. If you are patient and good at relaying concepts to others, online tutoring is a great side-hustle.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing is a very valuable skill, especially as many people are launching ecommerce brands and products, all of which require marketing. If you are social media savvy and enjoy engaging with others and discussing products, social media marketing could work for you.

Selling products or services online

Every time we go online or log into our social media accounts, we see tons of products for sale. There's always something new on the market and you can be one of the people who launches a product for sale. Do some research and check out what people are interested in buying. If you are able to do some product research, start a website, and market your product, you may be on your way to becoming a successful ecommerce entrepreneur.


This is another great side hustle for beginners- if you have a driver's license and are a good driver, you can become a driver. You can drive people for companies like Uber or you can pick up and deliver food or other products like with Instacart. Regardless of the type of driving you choose to do, you should be able to make your own hours.

Complete surveys

If you don't mind filling out forms or learning about new products (and you don't mind giving your opinion), then perhaps completing surveys or joining focus groups can be a good way to make some extra cash. There are several online focus group websites and although the work may be sporadic, it is a good way to make some extra money.

These are just a few ideas, and there are many other side hustles that people can do to make money. In the end, the best side hustle is one that you are interested in and can do well. Happy hustling!


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