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5 Winter-Ready, Work-Appropriate Fashion Staples

Woman putting on boots
Photo: Liza Summer

When the winter season rolls around, we can be assured of two things: one, the temperatures will drop, and two, changing out of your oversized pullover and sweatpants will be a challenge. And while showing up to work in your most comfortable clothing is tempting, it’s not exactly practical.


Fortunately, finding work-appropriate outfits for winter doesn’t have to be so daunting. Keep reading to learn which five wardrobe staples you need to keep you feeling warm and looking fashionably professional Monday through Friday.

Get a Fashionable, Winter-Ready Wardrobe


Turtleneck Sweater

Woman wearing a cream turtleneck
Photo: Eugevny Waxman


Chic and functional, a slim-fitting turtleneck sweater is a can’t-skip winter essential. Wear it under a light coat during more tolerable weather, and when the temperature dips, use it as a base layering piece to keep you warm in and out of the office.


Wool Trousers

Model wearing a wool suit
Banana Republic Brown Remanso Donegal Straight-Leg Pant


For the winter, swapping your lightweight trousers for a pair of wool trousers is a great way to dress for the season without sacrificing your professional appearance. The structured fit is flattering, while the interior wool fabric delivers a warm-blanket feel.




Woman in red dress and black boots
Getty Images Westend61

Blending comfort and utility, a trusty pair of boots is perfect for any task on your winter day to-do list. Plus, the wide range of styles grant you the opportunity to showcase your sense of style. From sleek knee-highs to fuss-free ankle booties, your chosen winter boots should check every box: warm, comfortable, and stylish.


Trench Coat

Man wearing a camel-colored coat talking on the phone
Cottonbro Studio


No winter wardrobe is complete without one. Not only a no-brainer for braving the cold, but a long trench coat also lends a sophisticated touch, making it a great addition to your rotation of work outfits.



Man wearing a scarf and hat
Photo: Clem Onojeghuo

 Last but certainly not least–accessories. For the winter months, scarves, gloves, beanies, and socks will go a long way. Opt for neutral colors and subtle patterns to best complement your office attire.




Christina Lopez is a freelance copywriter who has served hundreds of clients with compelling, on-brand copy. While she has experience writing content about a wide range of topics, much of her portfolio focuses on fashion and beauty (her favorite). When she’s not pouring over a brief or debating over punctuation use at her laptop, she’s likely watching a comfort series and playing with her mini poodle, Phoebe.



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