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Coronavirus Facts

Coronavirus continues to wreak havoc on the world and people are- understandably- panicking as epidemiologists and physicians race to find out more about this disease and its implications. Politicians around the world are making quick decisions to try to stem the tide of disease transmission and preserve reeling economies. Some people are weathering this crisis especially poorly- including some Fox News hosts who have zeroed in on the virus coming from China and are trying to drum up anger toward China/Chinese people (ya know, the typical "it's the furriners!" type rhetoric Fox News is famous for). This also includes some people who have decided brawling in the supermarket over toilet paper is the best way to deal with their coronavirus fears.

In the midst of all this panic, we can only stay calm and make good decisions for ourselves, our families, and in regards to dealing with/helping people/relatives who are immunocompromised.

Someone sent this video to me and I wanted to share it with you. Dr. Peter Lin, physician in Canada, shares important information about coronavirus and how it affects the body. Perhaps the more we learn about Coronavirus, the less we will panic. Personally, I've been feeling a lot of fear during this crisis and I'm trying to absorb as much factual, valid information as possible.


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