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Photo: Ibadah Mimpi

Hey, hey, hey it's Earth Day- the day we celebrate this big beautiful planet that we call home. Many people also spend this day thinking about things we can do to protect our environment. Whenever I think of helping the environment, I think of that song from Rocko's Modern Life. And of course, I want you to have that song stuck in your head too so...

Here is a quick list of three things we can do to help the environment so that we can celebrate many more Earth Days in the future:

1. Recycling: This is an obvious, but big change we can make in our daily lives. Junk mail, paper, old newspapers, magazines, plastic containers/bottles, cans, and glass bottles can all be recycled. And when your kids are done playing with the cardboard boxes (why do we bother buying expensive toys?) then those can be recycled too! Also, recycling doesn't necessarily mean throwing stuff in a recycle bin, you can also recycle items your family doesn't need anymore, like old children's toys, your old books, and old clothing.

2. Conserve: We can conserve our natural resources by watching the amount of water we use in our daily lives- watering our lawns/garden, washing dishes, washing clothes, washing ourselves in the shower or in the bathtub. We can also be mindful of the electricity we are using while cooking, heating/cooling our homes, and lighting our rooms. (We can also use energy-efficient bulbs.) Conserving electricity is also a great way to start getting thrifty!

Well...maybe we don't want to be that thrifty.

3. Re-use: We can re-use water bottles instead of buying bottles and bottles of water- there are some really nice water bottles out there. These are a personal pick: We can also re-use bags for when we go grocery shopping. Making these sorts of simple changes will cut down on the use of plastic.

So there you have it- three simple, no-sweat ways of making a difference. Have a happy Earth Day!


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