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As I said in my other post, Gaudy Language is undergoing some very exciting changes. Even more exciting, I found out today that Gaudy Language is in Feedspot's Top 25 Black Millennial Blogs section: I urge you to take a look- not only is Gaudy Language there, but there are many other interesting blogs you might like to read.

I'm also interested in Feedspot because I think it could be a great tool for you if you are seeking a feed reader or if you have a blog that you want to promote. Feedspot makes it easy for blog readers to stay up to date with all the blogs they love all in one place. This makes it easy for them and great for you if you're a blogger who is seeking a wider reach. An added benefit is that users can link their social media and other sites as well so they can stay current on everything they're interested in without having to pull up different websites.

So take a look- I hope it works for you whether you just want your favorite sites compiled in one feed or if you are a fellow blogger.


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