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How to Think Like a Child to Achieve Creative Success

Author: Mary Shannon

Creativity is a characteristic that resides in everyone be they young, old, big or small. When we are young, it seems as though creativity runs rampant without much effort or force behind it. Children are able to relish in their creativity through the excessive use of their imagination and their untarnished ability to flourish in the present moment. When we get older, that once innocent present moment becomes riddled with deadlines, reports, and the daily juggle between home and career. In the midst of this chaos, it may seem difficult to tap into your natural state of creativity. Gaudy Language shares a few ways to bring that childlike creativity back into your everyday life:

Play a game

That’s right! Nothing brings on the nostalgia of childhood like a round of games. Pre-adolescent favorites such as puzzles and word games work exceptionally well as vehicles to help boost your creativity. Puzzles boast the benefit of heightening your critical thinking and problem solving skills. Often when facing a creative drought, a mental distraction is all you need to get back on track. Engaging in a game allows your mind to wander from stress and presents you the opportunity to subconsciously thrive in the creative process.

If you fancy, you can play games in solitude or you can play with a partner or a co-worker. Computer games such as Freecell or Solitaire are great to play alone, while games such as checkers or Connect Four are fun, competitive activities.

Enhancing your creativity through a competitive game is a very effective tool. When in competition mode, you will display ways of thinking outside of the box. In doing so, you will allow space for creativity to seep into your mind in ways that otherwise may have been oblivious. The next time you feel yourself headed into a creative rut, indulge in a game or two to help reignite the flame!

Reach for a coloring book

Coloring is another childhood fave that will help your creativity soar. The recent surge in adult coloring books proves that coloring indeed relieves stress and gives your mind space to roam freely with little effort. Coloring provides the opportunity for you to zone out while allowing your markers to flow seamlessly. It is said that coloring will allow your brain to enter a meditative state that wards off negative thoughts and anxiety.

Fortunately, coloring is an inexpensive activity, and you can purchase adult coloring books at almost any retail store. Keep a few handy around your home and in your desk at work as the mental relief they provide will be welcomed in any capacity.


Some of your fondest childhood memories were spent playing in the dirt and mud, creating cakes, cookies, or whatever your imagination could dream up. Who knew that playing in the dirt could be a way to literally dig into your creative side, whether it be planning out your landscape design or utilizing unique ways to garden in a small space? Not only that, but as you garden your mind is also free to wander, possibly leading to your next big idea or creation.

If you have a sloped yard, gardening could be difficult, so you may need to hire a landscape grading professional to level your yard. To find well-reviewed contractors, search “land grading services near me.”


Nothing harnesses the creative prowess of a child quite like reading. Reading provides the opportunity for your imagination to soar under the guidance of an author. To maximize levels of creativity, it’s best to access a fiction book. While reading, your mind will produce vivid images and scenarios as the lives of characters consume your thoughts. As you allow your mind to roam, the creative process will begin to gain traction, therefore allowing more thoughts and ideas to stream in.

As an adult, it may seem as if your creative moments are fleeting. However, if you can master harnessing a childlike outlook on your daily tasks and projects, your creativity will improve tremendously. The three examples provided are just gateways to assist you in gaining momentum. Feel free to add any other exercises to your routine to keep it fresh and exciting! When a drought is on the horizon, mentally go to your childlike space and allow creativity to overcome you!


Mary Shannon created along with her husband, Bob, to have a website that allows seniors to meet up and talk about topics that are relevant to their daily lives. They hope to build SeniorsMeet into a supportive community of like-minded seniors.


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