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How to Work Remotely: The Life of a Digital Nomad


Author: Mary Shannon

Digital nomads are people who work remotely while living in or traveling to different locations. Remote work is possible for many jobs such as:

Software engineer

Registered nurse

Freelance writer

Web developer

Customer Service Representative

Social Media Manager



Virtual Assistant

Language Teacher

Supporting Yourself While Working Remotely

One of the most difficult tasks you will face is how to make money online. There is no easy solution if you are looking for a quick fix. This is because it’s important to find the job that best suits your strengths.

Many online resources can help you find a job that is lucrative and will allow you to reach your financial goals. There are many unique platforms that routinely update remote job offers for you to consider. Resources like Indeed and FlexJobs are well worth your time. Take a look at the many listings they post and apply for remote jobs that fit your experience and skillset.

The Best Choice When Starting a Freelance Business

An LLC is a better option for entrepreneurs compared to others because it offers tax breaks and can help you save money on startup expenses. To save money on costly attorney fees, consider using formation services. An LLC will allow you to operate remotely with fewer hassles, less paperwork, and greater flexibility. Keep in mind that each location has its own regulations and laws, so you will need to make sure you comply with them.

Looking for the Best Digital Nomad Rentals

It’s important to think about the rental apartments/homes you will live in as you move around. As a digital nomad, you will need sites with fast Wi-Fi, so you can communicate with your customers without issue.

As a brief aside, you should consider which software you’ll use to stay connected with your clients. Some of the better options include Slack and HubSpot, allowing you to keep in contact with your customers throughout the duration of your stay.

Furthermore, it is important to make sure your rental location is in an area that is safe and has easy access to local shops and markets. You should also consider a rental site that offers 24/7 customer service in case you run into any issues.

To help you find the best rentals in remote locations, you should think about using online services like FlipKey or Wimdu to search for suitable rentals.

How Digital Nomads Get Paid

Wire transfers and traditional payment channels are often too pricey for clients when you work from an out-of-country location. So check out Remitly instead. This easy-to-use website and app combination supports money transfers from more than 190 different international locations. It’s also one of the oldest of its kind, so you can trust its reliability and security.

Financial Considerations to Being a Digital Nomad

As a digital nomad, you want to make as much money as possible. But you can’t do that if you don't have a handle on your finances. Therefore, it’s wise to cut back on your spending habits to ensure that you have enough capital when moving around and figuring out the cost of living in each country you decide to visit.

This leads to the most important tip to being a successful digital nomad: planning ahead and planning thoroughly.

Good luck in your work and your travels!


Mary Shannon created along with her husband, Bob, to have a website that allows seniors to meet up and talk about topics that are relevant to their daily lives. They hope to build SeniorsMeet into a supportive community of like-minded seniors.


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