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Isolation Recipes

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Photo: Toa Heftiba Sinca

Since many government officials have recommended "social distancing" and spending more time at home instead of out and about (if you can help it- many people still have to go into an office, hospital, or other location to work), you may have stocked up on food and sequestered yourself inside your house. You might also be wondering just what the heck you should make with the random assortment of food that is now in your pantry. (That is me right now.) Never fear, I've compiled some recipe links, which you can use to make some meals over the next several days.

(Now, if you ignored the food, spent your shopping time slap-boxing other customers over toilet paper, and now you find your pantry stocked with Charmin and not food, be forewarned that none of these links can help you.)


1. (this delicious four bean salad- if you don't have the fresh herbs, you can leave them out:


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