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Mix it Up

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

Fashion rules are meant to be broken.

What have we been told for the past several decades? "No white after Labor Day!" "Short women shouldn’t wear long skirts!" "No kitten heels!" (Well, that last one should be enforced.) Who are these fashionistas who made these rules and who voted?

First, I would like to say: women should wear what they deem comfortable and what makes them feel their best (excluding kitten heels.) Secondly, the mandate to not mix and match prints should be ignored. Mixing and matching prints should be executed more often; polka dots with stripes, stripes with floral print, mix of all three, and even add some zig zag. Leave the norm and try something new. Don’t start off so left field that you don’t feel comfortable, but add little pieces to your ensemble here and there until you’re ready to become that peacock with feathers fully open.

Here are some pictures I found on Pinterest to illustrate what I mean:


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