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Monday Minute

Photo: Suraphat Nuea-on's the end of the day. Take a breath. We made it! We are living in a new reality- one that is now dominated by COVID-19 news- and we are dealing with this pandemic while managing our children's education/entertainment and/or our households and/or our work, and, of course, ourselves. We are pretty busy. So shout out to us for waking up every day and handling our business. It isn't easy.

So how do we wind down from an active (perhaps stressful day?) One way is binging on Netflix shows as soon as your kid/kids/fur-kids are asleep (this is what I'm currently doing.) Another way is doing breathing exercises. Deep breathing can almost instantly provide a feeling of calm and is a great way of pressing the reset button for your mind. Oh...and unlike the aforementioned late night Netflix binge, you will probably avoid having weird dreams about sitcom characters.

I found a breathing meditation to share (posted below) but there are many different ones that you can try. Keep in mind, we don't have to be perfect at it- just taking time to ourselves for a moment is a great start.

**If you have breathing difficulties or respiratory issues, please consult a doctor before doing these exercises.**

It's the end of Monday...stay safe, be well, and have a wonderful week!


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