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Monday Minute: Thanks

Photo: Cottonbro

A few days ago, I celebrated my birthday. Since we're still quarantining at home, we spent it making delicious food. I had been craving sushi for the past month so we ordered a sushi kit and made vegetarian sushi. Later that day, I had a virtual movie night with friends. I went to sleep that night feeling very thankful- even with everything going on and being unable to see many of my loved ones in person, I could still feel the love!

I am a big fan of gratitude lists- writing down everything we're thankful for can improve our daily lives. Normally, I'll jot down a few things every once in a while. (I have a gratitude notebook, but really, you can use any notebook you have on hand.) For my birthday, though, I decided to write down a big list of everything I was grateful for, one line for every year of my life. Doing this really made me reflect on my journey in life and every wonderful thing that has happened over the years. It also made me feel a bit better to think about everything I have, especially when feeling wistful and missing being out and about.

For this Monday Minute, think about everything you have to be grateful for. If you don't want to write it down, there is a meditation I've enjoyed which has a similar effect.


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