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Monday Motivation: Visualization

Photo: Eugene Golovesov

Visualization is a technique that uses the imagination, visual imagery, and emotional connection/feelings in order to help manifest one's goals. It takes one's goal-setting and planning to the next level, helping to ease doubts and insecurities as one imagines themselves achieving their dreams.

The mind is powerful and it leads the body. If you have any doubts about this, think about Dr. Biasiotto's study in which he split basketball players into three groups. He had the first group practice free throws every day for an hour. The second group only visualized themselves making free throws and the third group did nothing. After about a month, the first group improved by 24%. The second group improved by 23%. And the third group didn't improve at all. ( Ho How could someone improve their basketball skills without even picking up a basketball and practicing? It seems simply visualizing improvement can make a difference in one's skill level. Of course, strong improvement also requires action, but it's amazing that using visualization can at least put one on the road to success. We can use visualization on a daily basis to move ourselves closer to achieving our dreams and then brainstorm how our actions will lead us there.

I was listening to this video today while getting my day started:

Happy Monday!


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