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Side-Hustle Ideas

Photo: Vanessa Garcia

As we've all learned from the news, various Youtube channels, and from our own experience at the cash register or the pump, things are becoming more expensive. Inflation has been raising prices too fast for many people's paychecks to catch up with. So what do we do when grocery bills are rising and the rent, as the saying goes, is too damn high? We find some side hustles and get more money rolling in, my friends!

Side Hustle Ideas to Build Up Your Bank Account

Many side hustle ideas sound good in theory, but some of them, let's just be honest, sound too time-consuming. Others sound like scams. What are some ideas that someone can reasonably do in their spare time that will actually provide some extra cash each month? Nothing is guaranteed, but here are some ideas:


I know, I know...everyone recommends blogging. And they say it like it's easy. But if you like writing and you don't mind learning a little somethin' somethin' about marketing, you might be able to turn a topic you're passionate about into a popular blog.

Re-selling stuff:

If you've got an eye for quality merchandise, a knack for figuring out what's trending, and enough computer skills to be able to put together a website or list items on websites that already exist- like eBay or Amazon, this may be your money-maker.

Teaching an online course or offering an online course:

If you've got a skill that other people might want to learn, you could teach a course on a site like Udemy. Or if you've got the network and some great marketing skills, you can create your own course and sell it from your own social media page or website. The cool thing about creating video courses is that you only have to film them once and you can sell them over and over again. Speaking of gifts that keep on giving:

Create digital items:

If you are artistic, as a lot of Gaudylanguage's readers are, you can create digital art and sell it on sites such as And you can sell the same digital item again and again, making this not only a side hustle, but passive income. Check this article out about how to start a business on Etsy:

Writing, editing, etc:

If you're gifted in the art of written language, you can offer your services as an editor/proofreader, copywriter, and content creator.

Drive! (People, food, groceries, packages, miscellaneous items, etc.)

If you like being on the road, maybe being an Uber/Lyft driver or a food delivery driver is the side hustle for you.

Help out with tasks:

Maybe you're good with your hands and can help with putting together a piece of furniture. Maybe you are an excellent landscaper... Chances are, people would be willing to pay for assistance in these (and many other) areas.


If you're the best DJ in town, maybe you can make DJingyour side hustle. Use whatever talents or interests you have (music, baking, cleaning, etc.) and turn them into your side gig.

Rent your stuff:

If you've got a spare room and don't mind having someone in your space, perhaps renting out the room is a good way to make extra money. Same goes for your car or other rentable items.

Work as a virtual assistant:

If you have a computer and are always ready to help others, maybe working as a virtual assistant is right for you.

There you have it- ten ideas for starting an awesome side hustle to put some money in your bank account. Whatever skills or talents you have, chances are there's a market for them. Good luck with your hustle!


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