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The Toolbox Fallacy

Just wanted to share this video I saw the other day from the Youtube channel, Passion of the Nerd. For years, I've been telling myself "I need x in order to do x." I thought I was simply a consummate procrastinator, but apparently there's also something called "failure fear" (you don't think you'll be great so you don't even try) and this sounds like an accurate description of my situation as well. Fear of not being good enough/fear about other others' opinions has often been a barrier to my self-expression.

This video advises us not to wait for x to fall into our lives- there's no need for a magical ingredient. All we need in order to become a creator is the drive to create. Hopefully, you find this video as motivational as I did. Especially the last line: "A lifetime spent failing would still be a life better lived than the one in which I never got started."


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